Schoodic Animal Hospital

2345 US Highway 1
Sullivan, ME 04664



Wellness Exams:

            Every pet should have a through physical exam at least once a year. Discussion of diet, activity, behavior, and physical changes may reveal an animal's disease or aging processes. Vaccination decisions are made based on individual lifestyle risks. Frequency of examinations may change depending on age and underlying illness. Most diseases are much easier to treat or control if they are diagnosed early. Diagnostics such as lab work and x-rays may be indicated based on the examination.


            We offer minimally invasive sterilization surgeries, as well as more advanced soft tissue surgeries. Most orthopedic surgeries are referred to the Lucerne Veterinary Hospital. Our surgical patients are closely monitored with pulse oximetry, blood pressure, respiration, temperature and ECG during anesthesia. Our surgical licensed veterinary technician is experienced in monitoring during surgery to ensure your pet is safe. All pets receive pain medication before and after surgery to ensure their comfort.


            We have state of the art dentistry equipment: high speed drills, specialized dental instruments, and a digital x-ray. We take pride in our ability to assess and treat oral disease, thereby improving the quality of life for your pet. Remember, most pets will not tell you when their mouth hurts!


            We have an in-house laboratory for fast bloodwork results for your pet, as well as fecal and heartworm testing. We have very competitive pricing on send-out/reference laboratory blood panels for more specialized testing.


            We stock most of our commonly prescribed medications as well as therapeutic shampoos, flea/tick products, and heartworm preventatives. Check out our home page to see how you can refill your prescription on line!


            Ultrasound can provide quick information about an animal's illness: looking for fluid in the abdomen or chest cavity, looking at organs to see tumors, and getting tissue or urine samples to aid in diagnostics.


            We offer in house x-ray and automatic developing as diagnostic services for your pet.

 Cat Boarding:

            We offer double condos with elevated shelving for your cat's comfort.